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Final Response

The media we consume has changed a lot over the years. Media culture changes fast and is constantly being pushed and innovated on. That being said one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our constant need for validation and attention. As long as that continues, media will continue to be created and experimented with. Certain types of media are invaluable and will continue to be used for generations. An example of this would be a book. While there have been many innovations trying to “modernise” the book (Kindle, iPad books etc.) nothing will replace the tactile feel of a real book. The production of media used to be reserved only for those with very expensive equipment and the means of distribution. As time went on innovation allowed for consumer versions of the fancy industry machines. The rise of the internet allowed for unparalleled bounds to be made in the accessibility of media production. Free software and applications allowed anyone with a phone or computer to create media. While this is a very good thing in many ways it comes with a very large downside. That is the idea of a burgeoning media ecosystem. The internet gets more crowded every day, fake news and scams are just as common as real articles these days. The current state of media specifically in the online context is honestly a complete mess. We are constantly forced to consume media whether we like it or it and the majority of this media is toxic. Navigating the online me

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