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"ATM: A Time Machine"


I have always wanted to build a time machine and this project was the perfect opportunity to do so. I had to change my definition of a time machine due to do my material selection (strictly plywood) and lack of quantum physics knowledge. Traveling back in time was out of the question, I could still build a time machine. My time machine, however, would dispense time in small individually crafted packets. In order for this to work, I had to figure out how to best package my time. Due to the infinite lifetime of plastic, I chose tiny Ziploc bags as the container for my time. Next was the process of collecting my time. This can be seen in the video I created called “putting my time in”. I created a small jig that would hold the Ziploc bag at the correct height. I then simply sat down and focused all my energy and attention on the inside of that Ziploc bag. Over the next seven minutes, my time was collected and packaged in that little bag. In theory, the bags of time would be stocked in the “ATM” unit. Anyone in need of a little extra time could simply visit my “ATM” and buy a small amount of 100% natural and ethically sourced pre-packaged time.     

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